fullsizeoutput_33c0I am a Life Coach who helps people turn their challenging situations around into feeling empowered by them into moving forward on their life path using a combination of Reiki, Alternative psychology, and my experiences with EFT, Bodytalk, and numerous other energy practices. Martha has worked with clients in her massage therapy business for over 20 years and has seen and felt dramatic improvements in quality of life when a routine is followed. It was time to take her healing practice to another level. I know that to make improvements, we need to go deep into the soul to uncover the root of the problem, release the pressure and bring the peace you deserve.

I help you turn negative thoughts into a more positive outlook to keep you grounded in the present, in turn lifting the weight of burdensome thinking so you can bring back your creativity and flow into the life of your dreams.

This work will help you uncover your life of passion and inspiration by providing support through the changes and challenges you are experiencing by providing a sounding board to discover your truth. In turn, bringing back self-love, positivity, and hope, and peace.

Spiritual component along with mental, emotional, affects the physical.

Celebrate today’s Blessings for a more joy-filled day!