Reiki is an Ancient Form of Oriental Healing.

Reiki is an ancient form of oriental healing.

The word Reiki (pronounced ray-key) comes from two Japanese words.

Rei – means universal (the simplest version); a deeper meaning is a higher consciousness or spiritual consciousness.

Ki – is life energy (Ki, Chi-in Chinese, Prana-in Sanskrit, there are many different names in other cultures, all meaning the same, life energy)

As long as something is alive, it has life force energy flowing in and around it; when it dies, the life force leaves. Low life force energy-or restrictions in its flow-can allow vulnerability to illness. High, free-flowing energy helps us to stay more balanced. “Rei” (spiritual based) is what guides the “Ki” (life energy), so Reiki is defined as spirit guided life energy. It describes, more closely, what people experience during a session. Reiki is guiding itself with its wisdom rather than following a direction from the practitioner. (Reiki manual p. 1-1, 2)

All energy healing uses Ki (life energy), but not all use Reiki. Reiki is special healing energy learned from a Reiki Master (one who has taken classes and has become attuned to the Reiki energy). Anyone can learn this healing art and practice it on themselves, and others (such as babies, animals, and plants). Once a person has become attuned to Reiki, they need only place their hands on or above themselves or another person and allow the energy to flow. Sometimes my Reiki energy will automatically start flowing when someone is in distress. Those who have been practicing Reiki for a long time tend to notice this more easily.

Reiki causes no harm. No one can get too much Reiki energy because the person receiving the session takes on only the amount of energy that is most beneficial for their healing. It is all loving energy which is why I first wanted to learn it and in turn become a Master. The energy felt safe and positive (no negative energy). It is not affiliated with any specific religion because there is no belief system associated with it. It is Spirit based not religion based. It works for anyone if they trust and believe it will help.

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