My Reiki Practice

Since My first Reiki training 20 years ago, I have been practicing Reiki and other energy on myself my family, our animals, plants, and various other things.

If my grandchildren come to me with bumps and bruises, I wrap my hands around the injured area and allow the Reiki energy to flow. I’ve learned to tell them, “let me know when it’s better.” Usually, in a short time, they give me the signal, it’s enough, and they are up and running playfully. I have learned not to analyze it. It is what it is; I allow it to be.

I have used healing work for family members in hospital and emergency situations. One particular accident that happened was when my horse fell on me. My children rushed me to the hospital. The energy immediately started to flow from my hands which were automatically holding my rib area. I could barely breathe. The energy helped keep me calm and slow down my breathing

The x-rays reported no broken bones, so the Doctor sent me home with a non-aspirin product. I tried a few of them, but they did nothing to help the pain. It was frustrating that they upset my digestion. I couldn’t add the upset on to the discomfort I already felt. I frequently ran the energy into my body over the weekend for pain relief. Monday morning I took a trip to my Chiropractor. She worked on me while I was sitting. By the time I walked out I was able to breathe 40% better. She also gave me EPA (fish oil capsules) for the pain. My body responded more favorably to these, and the pain eased.

After a few more treatments from the Chiropractor, she said that was all she could do. Now, my body needed to heal.

I’m not sure where I would have been without the constant energy work to support my mental, emotional, and physical pain. Luckily it was nice out, as I spent large amounts of time walking up and down our driveway all the time holding my ribs and allowing the energy to flow. After three months I was able to lay flat to rest, and I started slowly, back to work. Even after 14 years I still feel an occasional twinge of pain in my ribs and back. But, I am so grateful for having a flow of energy to help me through those times.

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