My First Experience with Reiki

Imagine, lying on a treatment table, ready to relax.

A practitioner begins by placing his/her hands lightly on your head, and as feelings of pulsations flow over your body, you drift away to a quiet place deep within. Although everyone has a different experience of energy work, this is what I felt with my first full Reiki energy session.

My actual first (and a most memorable) experience with energy work came from trading massage with a colleague. The therapist was almost finished with my session when she held the back of my head and became very still for a few seconds. As she moved to completion, I asked, “Wow, what was that?” She seemed a little surprised but answered, “Oh that must have been the Reiki.” Energy work was definitely intended for my future.

It is hard to explain the feeling that came over me. It was a connection to self, something deeper or spiritual. I felt a lightness, of floating in the air, no pain no heaviness from my physical body. There were no mental or emotional thoughts or feelings weighing me down, in those brief seconds. I wanted that feeling to last longer than just a few moments.

Another early experience came during a massage training course. A partner had worked too hard on my jaw, and she said, “Let me do Reiki on it.” Within seconds, I felt a small electric buzz between her hand and my cheek. The pain was gone. I was hooked and wanted to learn more.

I will do my best to explain Reiki. Most practitioners and clients say you have to experience it to comprehend what it is. It is a gentle, very subtle flow of energy, relaxing, calming, and meditative; this is why it helps with stress reduction. Because of these effects it is known to aid in healing and improves results of any medical treatment.

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