Energy Medicine Works on the Whole Person


Energy Medicine works on the Whole person. What I mean by that is, it works not only on your physical, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, which is a more complete way of healing. I like to think of it as a trinity of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Just talking about it opens the way to more relaxation, calming and ease. Healing your complete self allows you to tap into your true nature of being.

We all know how moods can affect us. One of the first things I learned in my massage training is that over 85% of ALL diseases are caused by stress. This proves that working on the whole person is so important.

The point is that keeping a positive vs. negative attitude can help keep you in a healthier state.

The fuel that drives your thoughts is energy, be it positive or negative. If you look at it simply, which would you rather be? And of course there are times when we all have negative thoughts. But, we have the ability to manipulate the energy of our thoughts to think positively. Positivity keeps our stress levels down, our energies more balanced and allows us to function more smoothly.

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