Literally, Everything is Made of Energy


Quantum physics teaches us that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. The human energy field is electromagnetic and the frequency has been measured by MRI and EKG scans.[ A study was published in the Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena revealing the use of CT scans to detect energy]. Not only the human body but everything, holds a frequency, from the electromagnetic field that surrounds and interpenetrates your body, to the water in your glass, to the glass holding the water. Literally, everything is made of energy. When energy within the body is out of balance, illness can develop.

Energy healing’s origins are found throughout the ancient world. It consists of tapping into the body’s own frequencies in an effort to redistribute energy. In other words, it is an important system involving our health and well-being as are the digestive, circulatory, skeletal and other systems of the body.

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