How does the body heal itself?

Bryce Canyon Utah, the hoodoos 2017

For many years, this question developed into my life’s work. Conventional medicine was all I knew the first twenty years of my life, but my body responded to medications with adverse reactions. For the next ten years, I used alternative medicine. Yet, there was a voice inside me that said, “I can do this myself.” I know the body heals and regenerates itself so, why couldn’t I help it along?

In turn, I’m excited to share one of my discoveries, an alternative medicine called Energy Healing or Energy Medicine. It has been shown to be a very successful and fast growing field of therapy. In the next few posts I’d like to give a brief explanation of what it is, its history, who is using it, and how you can utilize it. I’m happy to pass this information along to you so that you can recognize what it is and if it can be useful to optimize your own health and well-being.

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